Case Study:
Lithographic Plate Plan

When the Dublin-based printing company Lithographic Plate Plan wanted to provide a PRSA scheme for their employees, Oliver McGettigan Life and Pensions was there to help.

An initial consultation was arranged to discuss the financial needs of staff. The Hr director of Lithographic Plate Plan described the need for a designated PRSA provider for the company. In the absence of a Company pension scheme, many companies provide a financial advisor to put a PRSA scheme in place.

After presenting our full range of products and services, Oliver McGettigan Life and Pensions was appointed as the designated financial advisor to the company.

Soon after, Oliver McGettigan Life and Pensions gave a presentation to all staff, explaining in detail the benefits of the many products we provide.

Afterwards, all employees were offered the opportunity of an on-site, one-on-one meeting with one of our staff to carry out a detailed financial review of their needs.

At the conclusion of the financial review, Lithographic Plate Plan employees were also able to discuss their other financial services needs, including Life assurance/ Savings/ Mortgage/Investments.

Some of the many other clients we provide similar services to include:

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